Monday, July 19, 2010

Working President Obama Over and Over into One

I'm proud to say I began the Obama bust from a wax head of moderate likeness. After Grey provided gestural control art, the body was added and the bust began its new life. Funny enough, an artist adds their sensibilities or fills the holes in there knowledge or abilities both consciously and subconsciously with what they do know. Case in point, my Asian heritage managed to filter an Asian version of Obama in his underlying bone structure particularly around his orbital socket.

Master Sculptor Grey Williamson pointed out this phenomena once he began the final transformations. His observed actions visited upon the bust appeared subtle and nearly imperceptible, however as anyone will witness the results are everything but. Where the imitation of life previously existed, now resided a tiny man imitating a statue.

A combination of wax and resin allowed amendments and preservation of fine detailed work as I molded and cast each derivation closer to our final version. The extra cost in materials procured the knowledge that our hard work was preserved in a dense resin protected from any mistake that a wax sculpt might not absorb.

Anyways, you can share in my experience above by picking up one of these collaborative sculpts here:


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raiding Party

Well, the marines of my raiding party, will be the beetle pipes. Testing has increased both my pride and concerns. Performance was simple and flawless, as it pulled nicely and lighting her up was not construed as technical, challenging, or stressful. It had a simple, straightforward operation with no learning curve, and felt compact. Brass components added to a solid weight and feel.

Stress was however expressed in the initial handling, particularly around the index finger toward the beetle's bum. Extending the legs and tightening the slot resolved this sense of imbalance as the increased sensation of pressure from the legs nullified any psychological doubt on finger placement and balance.

Slack in the abdomen was addressed with planed bolsters to prevent the twisting action that some felt created a sense of looseness and fragility. Lever action is now constrained to its intended vertical movement. I never shared the concern of fragility, but understood the discomfort associated with the superfluous yet minute twisting motion. It felt unintended and hinted at design carelessness.

Finally, an amendment in name once again. Sir John is now Sir George. A Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle is far better suited to Sir John, the three horned rhino beetle suits Sir Pete, while Sir Paul tentatively suits the rainbow scarab beetle presuming my design solution for length is robust in the test panels' hands. Sir Paul will require mechanical redesign, while the rest only surface considerations.
Thanx for sparing the time.


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The Big Payoff

Many moons ago, at university, the floodgate of creative forces buckled under the weight of stagnating complacency and released one of my earliest episodes of fearless creative exploration. All exploded as neither right or wrong existed as consequence, only release. Unfortunately, at the edge of the digital age, rare images and distorted memories only hint at the all consuming euphoria that spawned their dismissed births.

Nearly a decade later, the chance to share these exercises with a greater audience has ignited my fermented juices once again. However this time, I've developed the capacity to replicate the singular experience for the masses. My mold making and casting skills have made it possible to reach a wider audience. Yes every piece is created, developed, inspected, and packaged by me in my Bed-stuy studio.

In the newly discovered spirit of disclosure, my recent desire to share with the masses should not only be calculated as simple math to acquire coin. The currency I seek, is communion. Any and all sate derived from my work will be welcomed and coveted, as I anticipate this will create circulation and exposure, therefore increasing the probability that the following payoff might occur;

The artifact will speak to you without words or any other clumsy language system. Instead, your only recourse will be to respond with your own artifact.

Now don't get me wrong, coin is coin, but what a much smaller universe this could be if this artifactual conversation were to take place. If, two letters in the middle of life, shared the reciprocal sender and receiver.


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Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Doddles

Baby turtle locket designed to be constructed without adhesives. All the faceting will translate nicely in a tinted clear resin.

Fem fatale pipe concept. Light the tooter, cup the hooter, and steal a kiss. Uber early stage, but perhaps a famous woman like Norma Jean, etc. Of course the final piece would have to be casted in a metal.


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Friday, February 26, 2010

Trojan Turtle

I can be a bit compulsive so when inspiration strikes, I get obsessed with it. For some reason my latest muse has taken the form of a turtle.

Turtles have roamed this earth for hundreds of millions of years. Not unlike their cousin the crocodile or their fish friend the shark, turtles represent divine design that has remained relatively unchanged for nearly as long. They are pervasive throughout the world existing in a variety of terrains and environments. Which is why their impact on world cultures is of little surprise. They've had a constant presence throughout our time and space.

So my approach wasn't so much to alter or enhance the appearance of the turtle itself. Instead what challenged me was creating a mechanism within that form that would allow me to use the turtle as a puzzle box. I thought it would be cool to stow away small items within, like notes, poetry, micro sd cards, a soul, etc. This pic is an early solution. I call it a Trojan Turtle.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why this Place?

A friend requested a glimpse into my head. This is an attempt to accommodate that request. I'll try to share the things that interest me somehow. I promise little, hope for much, and ask forgiveness from the start so that I may share most. As it is my intention to develop something different yet relevant, I demand your impressions and suggestions. Tear me down and build me up and just maybe we can create something truly special.
Welcome to Kilroy's Attic.