Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Big Payoff

Many moons ago, at university, the floodgate of creative forces buckled under the weight of stagnating complacency and released one of my earliest episodes of fearless creative exploration. All exploded as neither right or wrong existed as consequence, only release. Unfortunately, at the edge of the digital age, rare images and distorted memories only hint at the all consuming euphoria that spawned their dismissed births.

Nearly a decade later, the chance to share these exercises with a greater audience has ignited my fermented juices once again. However this time, I've developed the capacity to replicate the singular experience for the masses. My mold making and casting skills have made it possible to reach a wider audience. Yes every piece is created, developed, inspected, and packaged by me in my Bed-stuy studio.

In the newly discovered spirit of disclosure, my recent desire to share with the masses should not only be calculated as simple math to acquire coin. The currency I seek, is communion. Any and all sate derived from my work will be welcomed and coveted, as I anticipate this will create circulation and exposure, therefore increasing the probability that the following payoff might occur;

The artifact will speak to you without words or any other clumsy language system. Instead, your only recourse will be to respond with your own artifact.

Now don't get me wrong, coin is coin, but what a much smaller universe this could be if this artifactual conversation were to take place. If, two letters in the middle of life, shared the reciprocal sender and receiver.


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