Friday, February 26, 2010

Trojan Turtle

I can be a bit compulsive so when inspiration strikes, I get obsessed with it. For some reason my latest muse has taken the form of a turtle.

Turtles have roamed this earth for hundreds of millions of years. Not unlike their cousin the crocodile or their fish friend the shark, turtles represent divine design that has remained relatively unchanged for nearly as long. They are pervasive throughout the world existing in a variety of terrains and environments. Which is why their impact on world cultures is of little surprise. They've had a constant presence throughout our time and space.

So my approach wasn't so much to alter or enhance the appearance of the turtle itself. Instead what challenged me was creating a mechanism within that form that would allow me to use the turtle as a puzzle box. I thought it would be cool to stow away small items within, like notes, poetry, micro sd cards, a soul, etc. This pic is an early solution. I call it a Trojan Turtle.

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