Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mix-tape Assassin & other Confiscated Goodies: Beginnings

I once had this cassette tape crossbow ( cassette - you know those rectangular modular music storage devices that proceeded the 8-track)  that launched tiny arrows made from q-tips wrapped in clear scotch tape for weighted heads and invisible tail fins.  Even when I was observed as the general source of the assaults, my inconspicuous cassette and invisible arrows left no compelling evidence of my truly sinister nature.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha, that's right Ms. Warner, you almost had me, & believe the statutes of limitation have run out.  Anyway, my repeating crossbow ring is similar in concept, however instead of hidden in plain sight, it will daze, confuse, & blind would-be party poopers with its sculpted facade.  The following are updated pics.  Absorb. (By the way that crossbow cassette played musical awesomeness of the Jackson 5)  Thanx Michael, R.I.P.

I desire a robust piece, so the rear axle diameter will double or triple, all elements that will be exposed to stress & fatigue will be re-enforced.  This ring now stands on its own, a feature that will be standardized on more future designs.

The spinal ridge hair not only facilitates standing, but ammo carriage as well.  I will consider added bolt carrying capacity.

Worked the texture & details.  Debating whether to add pupils or not.  I like the blind/all seeing look or non directional nature of the eyes though I'm not exactly sure as to why.  Much more surface attention is required & then after initial casting, the adjustments for live action mid class distraction satisfaction.

The two issues that irk me are the arrow flights & the arrow jostling in the chamber.  Both can attributed somehow to the elastic power source.  Squared rubber bands tend to twist during cocking and create added vectors in power which appear to alter arrow flight behavior & the occasional jumbling of how the arrows align within the chamber.  A rounded less powerful rubber band seems to have decreased such incidents, but the properties of the wax also impact behavior, so all of this mute until the results can be observed in the final medium of resin.

So now that I've weaved the illusion that I have sense & that this project will be available to the masses soon, may the teasing torture of want & unsolicited expectations reveal your heart's true desire.

UPDATE:2.14.2014.  This singular piece of functioning sculpture is available here:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inga the Ironbelly Dragon Joins the Family

Dragon number two, is a very distinct departure from the first dragon.  All that I've gleaned from # Uno, has been applied to # Dos.  Detail, asymmetry, texture, etc, etc.  Inga is a cold cast though, I've sgnificantly decreased the amount to aluminum powder due to viscosity issues & to preserve strength.  Two-Claw was a metallic fill because I saw little solution toaddressing distinct flashing seams.  Clean up meant no visible evidence with Two-Claw.  Inga  seams can be seen however their placement limits they invasive nature & the polished metallic finish is worth the compromise.  I hope you enjoy Inga as much as I do.