Thursday, February 17, 2011

Castle Grayskull in Brooklyn

So how did it happen? Firstly, my friend Jenn R.'s inquiry on previous igloos planted the seasonal seeds. Quite unfair, now that I ponder her gardening. I actually told myself not to build another igloo that day, however after 20 minutes of clearing walkways and sidewalk, a 10ft snow mountain demands deeper considerations. So K-dawg's enthusiasm for Castle Grayskull cemented our ambitions and about 12 hours over the next two days voila!

Tools of the trade were two snow shovels for piling, one squared shovel for turret details, a Korean stainless steel soup bowl aggressive finesse carving, and a Korean spoon for mortar details. Additionally, knee pads kept knees, well...padded and dryer, while Swiss Miss hot chocolate rewarded our exertion. Party bulbs from Home Depot provided the variety in glow.

Snow Castle Grayskull was a gift that kept on taking. For once, persistent giggles, flashing cameras, and ear to ear grins accompanied the footprints of the classically stoic Brooklyn pedestrian. For forty or so feet, their stern snowy commutes gave way to surprise, satisfaction, and then the urge to share their discovery. All ways round, the experiment has been a blessing. Special thanks to K-dawg and Selina Ki for the assist and Jenn R. and Jeremy K. for their green thumbs.

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