Monday, July 19, 2010

Working President Obama Over and Over into One

I'm proud to say I began the Obama bust from a wax head of moderate likeness. After Grey provided gestural control art, the body was added and the bust began its new life. Funny enough, an artist adds their sensibilities or fills the holes in there knowledge or abilities both consciously and subconsciously with what they do know. Case in point, my Asian heritage managed to filter an Asian version of Obama in his underlying bone structure particularly around his orbital socket.

Master Sculptor Grey Williamson pointed out this phenomena once he began the final transformations. His observed actions visited upon the bust appeared subtle and nearly imperceptible, however as anyone will witness the results are everything but. Where the imitation of life previously existed, now resided a tiny man imitating a statue.

A combination of wax and resin allowed amendments and preservation of fine detailed work as I molded and cast each derivation closer to our final version. The extra cost in materials procured the knowledge that our hard work was preserved in a dense resin protected from any mistake that a wax sculpt might not absorb.

Anyways, you can share in my experience above by picking up one of these collaborative sculpts here: