Saturday, February 8, 2014

Queen Xenomorph Brass Knuckle Ring Debuts

My Queen Xenomorph Transforming Brass Knuckle Ring has fully matured; ready to lay her eggs!  Gracious hosts consider being a surrogate and share the gift of life!  Despite the taboo of interspecies mingling, I'm pleased to say that new palm piece (Queen Head) melds well with the original ring base.  Though I'm still entertaining dramatic modifications to this ring base, it almost feels as if they were designed simultaneously.

The steel finish also came out strong with all the extra textures and highlights.  I rock this xeno variant a lot more than the drone version, so I've experienced more wear time.  I appreciate the look of the Queen's head from many more angles than the Drone's head and I really enjoy its look displayed off my finger.  It's sleek profile atop keeps her unobtrusive, however the beefiness in the base can make long term wear challenging especially for the slender finger. 
 Here are set of Queens so cannibalism is guaranteed.  There can be only one bad Egg-Laying Mama on the block or hand, but don't let that deter you from getting one for each hand. 
Keep an eye out for some embedded xeno skull versions, a Tronned out version, and of the Warrior Variant!

It's been a bit challenging to capture strong images of this ring.  I find her far more appealing in person than the drone.  It was fun extracting this Queen from the various artist renderings online.  Thanks to them for the reference materials and the challenge of merging their vision into this piece.  Eventually, I'll bundle all three variants, but for now this Queen is available for Order at Etsy here;

Queen Xenomorph Brass Knuckle Ring!

Thanks for perusing my works.