Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Waxy is the new Sexy.

Infinity Sea Turtle Lockets

Perfume or Photo Carrier?
 Wax has been fantastic in executing these whimsical pieces.  So I'm excited about this mediums potential in future products. 

So my beetle (old pipe reference) has indeed turned into a herculean task, so I'm taking a break by revisiting earlier projects. I'm still not satisfied with the Trojan Turtle's design in terms of sturdiness, however it has provided exciting design tangents. A turtle dragon has been a fun experiment that may lead to a larger version. Ultimately these experiments are revealing the resin's potentials and limitations. However, I still feel as if I'm observing fragments of deliberate design amongst a hot mess, glimpses here and there, as if I'm clumsily combining components because they are shiny. It's still quite early, so I am just naive enough to believe these concerted efforts will reveal all of the "fill-in-the-gaps to keep it moving" - motivated design decisions.

Shine on your crazy diamonds.  Shine on.