Friday, June 22, 2012

Hinged upon the Hinges! Knuckle Duster Ring Update.

  The hinge solution works so enuff said.  Insert eyeballz here;

I'm pleased with the progress, & desire a sort of a universal base ring that can utilize an slide-on locking palm pack slash cartouche thinger-me-bobber-esque component.  Tis only a matter of time.  Danka.

UPDATED:  2.14.2014.  The Hinge Solution requires reinforcement, however this adjustment creates warping.  Until that warpage can be contained, this concept remains in limbo.  Adapting this concept has lead to the full realization of the transforming Xenomorph Brass Knuckle Ring as you can see here:

Two-Finger White Dragon Ring

Some more detailing, more contrast, right wing design decisions, most likely no chain & either a semi translucent pearl-ish color but more likely an opaque silver to avoid the loss of details.  Shall we see.
UPDATE:  2.14.2014.  I love the body and wing details, so I'll build on this double ring with a new head to compliment!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Path of Orion; Folding Brass Knuckle Ring

The Blue Print

Folded Brass Knuckle Ring

Unfolded Once to a double finger ring/ two finger duster

Completely unfolded, Vampire Bat

Knuckle Up!

Worn Vertically here. 
Cleaned, crisper, & studded crystals on multiple surfaces, constellations & functional applications.  Not too gaudy.  But will my hinge solution work out?  I'll know in about 20 hours.  I'll address the final finishing as well & post images.

UPDATE: 2.14.2014.  A reinforced textile hinge evolved from this project to create my current Xenomorph Series.  Time will tell if that solution can be applied back here, but the meantime, grab the fruits of this adventure here:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dragon's Test Fire

Ok, so it's far from perfect, but it's getting there.  Footage is a week old so the following images reflect both functional and aesthetic adjustments.

As soon as I get her into resin, then I can be aggressive with functional adjustments.   Ha haaaa.  Peace.